Welcome to my Website! If you’re looking for a professional, intuitive and effective massage therapist, you’ve come to the right place.


To provide a healing touch, a safe and compassionate space for open communication, and a peaceful environment for therapy. To support positive change and encourage and assist in the facilitation of client overall well being and self care.


I am here to assist in the facilitation of your healing. This being said I encourage you to come to our sessions open to sharing how you are feeling, not just in body but in mind. 

Using customized modalities based on client’s needs I facilitate the clients’ physiological and kinesthetic needs by:

  • Increase body awareness and sense of wellbeing
  • Improve range of motion and muscle flexibility, resulting in improved energy and performance
  • Shorten recovery time between workouts, surgeries, or injuries
  • Help maintain the body’s regular processes for recovery and homeostasis
  • Help reduce the chance of injury caused by reoccurring movement, tension or overuse by relieving stress points in muscles, before they result in restrictions or spasm

Thanks for visiting, I look forward to working with you soon!